Wow, What a Cracking Summer of Music!

Now in its fourth year, Summer School 2018 was bigger and better than ever. For one week only, Forty-four students joined us for a crash course in music tuition and group performance.

When we kicked off our first Summer School in 2015, nineteen students joined us that year. Our attendance has more than doubled since then and we plan to develop our infrastructure furthermore over the following months to allow for more students to join the fun in 2019.

The extra time provided by the summer holidays allows us to amalgamate the skills students have learnt over the course of the year into a series of live performances. The freedom to move the lessons out of a classroom environment and literally into the streets, builds wonderful character and confidence for any aspiring musician or performer.

Bands formed

Let’s get creative…

One of the key attributes that make the Summer School so special, is the multi-levels of creativity that are introduced throughout the week. It’s not only about the music. It’s also about the look, the feel and the attitude. We believe a huge amount of pop culture is derived from the image conveyed by the artists themselves. Our affinity with the artist can be decided favourably or unfavourably well before we have even listened to their music!

So, we got the ball rolling by splitting the students into nine new bands, each one was led by one of our tutors. Together, each band developed their own persona and named their band accordingly. With that, we got to work developing a visual identity to represent their newly formed egos. Kudos to everyone that took part, the final logos and band photos (see below) look awesome and set the mood perfectly for the upcoming performances.

Meet the bands and their members

  • Unconventional Sponge – Reuben Montgomery, Elliot Wilkins, Alex Sarchet, Nathan Bromley and Kiya Ashton. Band Tutor: Charles Stenner.
  • Ultraviolet – Emmelie Wright, Mia Edgworth, Molly Brown and Coco Osborne. Band Tutor: Jamie Wickenden.
  • The Minorities – William Lajoie, Stan Mallett, William Garnham, Stanley Newbould and Ben Bramley. Band Tutor: Tyler Edmonds.
  • The Flaming Flamingos – Kaitlyn Martel, Eoin Flemming, Hannah Ozanne, Frankie Mallett and Aurelia McGreevy. Band Tutor: Jo Marsh.
  • The Bucket Rockers – Elliot Hearne, Ollie Thomas, Eli Smith, Ciaran Archenoul and George Shuter. Band Tutor: Casey-Joe Rumens.
  • Motionless – Nic Shell, Caleb Camp, Will Rouget, Troy Vidamour and Woody James. Band Tutor: Mikey Ferbrache.
  • Kids In Flames – Seb Steer, Ralph Newbould, Marley Hastie, Joel Smith and George Bennett. Band Tutor: Peter Mitchell.
  • Orange Justice – Suzie Meinke, William Sarchet, Eva Guille, Shakira Langmead and Matilda Shell. Band Tutor: Scott Dorrity.
  • The Goo Fighters – Alfie Thompson, Joe James, Sam Mauger, Oliver Kirk-Hamon and Elle Lovering. Band Tutor: Lydia Pugh.

Nine bands formed, time to hit the road!

If you had to guess what’s the hardest part of being in a band, you’d put performing in public or getting gigs at the top of the list. We tackled these dilemma’s head-on. Our first two days (Monday/Tuesday) were dedicated to practising, on the third day (Wednesday) we took the bands on tour!

We kicked off the SOPM tour by performing exclusively for the day-residents at La Grand Courtil and La Nouvelle Maraitaine. With the Wednesday warm-up done, the stage was set to tackle a far greater challenge. On Thursday, we took up residence across Town busking in eight different locations (Liberation Monument, Pollet, Boots, Creaseys, Dix Neuf, Market Square, Town Church, Picquet House) ending the day with a Flash mob performance in the Market Square.

The grand crescendo

With a string of smaller performances now in the foreground, it was time for all of the bands to put their focus on the big gig night at The Fermain Tavern.

A hundred-strong crowd of parents, friends and fellow band members gathered a few feet from the stage. Under the blaze of multicoloured lights, each band took to the stage to perform three songs each on a fully rigged professional sound system. Dreams are made of this!

Band camp

With Friday’s big gig out of the way, a more relaxed Saturday lay ahead. SOPM set off to spend the night camping in Herm. After overcoming the rather comical struggles of setting up their tents, everyone came together for a quick game of football. A hearty group dinner later and to a jubilant crowd at the Mermaid Tavern, the student’s performed their final gig – bringing a close to Summer School 2018.


A big thank you to all the students, tutors and partners that took part this year and we hope you’re looking forward to joining us again in 2019. Summer School 2019 promises to even bigger and better! Watch this space – we’ll keep you posted the moment registration opens.

Photography by Steph Robert and Andrew Le Poidevin and the band logo’s by Guernsey Gigs.

Before you go...

Summer School 2018 CD

Each band recorded a track during the week, we’ve compiled this into one CD which is now available for purchase from our online store. Please click below to buy your copy and we’ll post it out to you.