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Music for Everyone!

The School of Popular Music offers a service like no other tuition available in the Channel Islands. Here you can learn the instrument of your choice whilst meeting fellow enthusiasts to develop every element of your playing. SOPM is all you will need to achieve your musical goals.

We believe that a positive musical experience from the very first lesson is crucial. We create the best learning environments where students feel comfortable, free and able to express their opinions and ideas. We will find a unique access point for each learner, listening to their wants, goals and passions we can build a foundation of mutual respect that leads to a constructive, positive and productive learning experience.

Teaching from nationally accredited syllabus’s our program is designed to promote confidence and self-esteem, whilst building strong musical foundations. The School of Popular Music offers you expertise, experience and enthusiasm to take you on your musical journey.

What are our goals?

To offer a fun and unique experience for every student

Ensure that every student has the opportunity to achieve their full potential

Promote positivity and self-confidence through teamwork

Create a relaxed and constructive learning environment

We work closely with both Trinity and RGT:

Bill Green Award
for Entrepreneurial Spirit
Winners 2018

For bookings & further information:

Call 07911 730994 or please complete the enquiry form below.


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