New Price List For Services 2019

  • Prices effective from 1st January 2019.

  • Please read the following information carefully.

2019 Price List

Private Lessons (General)

  • 30 mins £20.00
  • 60 mins £38.00

Saturday Sessions, Band Zone and Adult Courses

  • 60 mins £12.00

SOPM Voices (Adult)

  • £8.00

Ukulele Club

  • £6.00

Private Lessons (Off-Site)*

  • 30 mins £22.00

Private Lessons (Shared or Dual)

  • 30 mins £24.00

* Off-Site requiring travel such as lessons taking place in private or public schools.

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*This document will be constantly updated so please visit every now and again. Dates are always subject to tutor discretion. If you are not contacted by your tutor with any alternative dates different to below then please presume this is correct and lessons will not take place during school holidays.

*We will always do our best to contact you in the event of cancelling any lessons by email and if possible by phone. We do ask that students and parents check for emails and texts on their phone to avoid any miscommunication.