Private tuition


Private lessons are focused on building skills and musicianship to ensure the student fulfils their maximum potential.

Our Private lessons are on a one-to-one basis for all ages and abilities. Lessons will always be tailored to the individual needs of the student and kept fresh, interesting and fun.

We believe that a positive musical experience from the very first lesson is crucial. We want to create safe learning environments where students feel comfortable, free and able to express their opinions and ideas. Our main objective is to help everyone achieve their goals by offering constructive, individualised support and tutoring.

We teach from nationally recognised syllabus’s Trinity (Rock and Pop) and RGT. Graded exams are optional in every instrument for those who wish to get qualified. Our tutors have the experience and knowledge to take you as far as you want to go. If you’d rather a relaxed approach, we will design your lesson around the songs and pieces that you want to learn.


  • Guitar
  • Drums
  • Piano
  • Voice
  • Bass
  • Violin
  • Ukulele


Tyler Edmonds, Casey-Joe Rumens, Mikey Ferbrache and Dan de Carteret make up the guitar department at SOPM. Between them, they offer an enormous array of musical qualifications and experience which contribute to them being able to tutor students in any genre or style. Lessons at SOPM are always tailored to the student. We keep them fun, constructive and goal driven whilst taking the time to find the unique access point for each individual. You will:

  • Learn to play the music that you love
  • Acquire a diverse knowledge and skill set as you progress
  • Be given an understanding of notation, tablature, chord boxes and symbols, strumming and picking technique
  • Understand music theory concepts at a pace dictated by you
  • Develop aural skills enabling you to play by ear and improvise
  • Have the opportunity to take graded exams with Trinity Rock & Pop or RGT.

Our drum tutors Jamie Wickenden and Scott Dority are both highly experienced and qualified to teach a range of modern drum kit and tuned percussion instruments. Your lessons will be created specifically around your needs and will always be exciting, informative and goal driven. We take time to find the unique access point for each individual. You will:

  • Play along and learn the music that you love
  • Acquire all the knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to your playing as you go
  • Develop timekeeping, hand and foot techniques and coordination
  • Understand drum theory, taught in an enjoyable way at a pace you dictate
  • Read and understand drum notation and develop recognition and listening skills
  • Have the opportunity to take grades with Trinity Rock & Pop

Our vocal department is made up of Casey-Joe Rumens, Lydia Pugh, Jo Marsh and Sam Nichols. Between them they have a wealth of knowledge, experience and qualifications enabling them to teach across any genre you wish to explore. Lessons are created around your own ambitions and with a focus on developing real vocal technique and an awareness of the health of your voice. We will help you build confidence, tackle stage anxieties and ultimately reach your potential. You will:

  •  Sing the songs that you love
  • Study vocal technique and voice production
  • Learn about the anatomy of the voice and the associated mechanisms involved in singing
  • Understand music theory, taught in an informative and accessible way at a pace dictated by you
  • Read and understand notation as well as learning to sing by ear and improvise
  • Have the opportunity to take grades with Trinity Rock & Pop

Our piano and keyboard tutors Lydia Pugh, Sam Nichols and Scott Dority offer a vast knowledge base and skill set from both modern and classical study, enabling them to guide you through the world of piano music at your own pace, tailoring lessons specifically for you. Lessons will always be fun, engaging and goal driven. Our tutors take the time to find the unique access point for every student so that you learn in a way that you feel comfortable with. You will:

  • Learn the music that you love
  • Acquire all the knowledge and skills necessary to develop as a player
  • Be guided through notation, musical symbols, finger dexterity, hand position and proper technique
  • Understand music theory in an enjoyable and easily applicable way at a pace set by you
  • Develop aural skills allowing you to play by ear and improvise
  • Have the opportunity to take grades with Trinity Rock & Pop


Our tutors are all carefully selected and offer a range of skills and experience you will not find elsewhere. We have eight tutors offering support to all the students.

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