Saturday sessions

ABOUT OUR SATURDAY SESSIONS: ‘Performance’ focused

In these sessions we focus on building confidence and teamwork as students learn songs and pieces to perform at our regular concerts throughout the year.

Our Saturday Sessions are hugely popular. Every Saturday we welcome over 100 students to come and learn with us. These sessions are always great fun and a perfect environment to learn how to play an instrument!

According to skill-set we offer tuition for following instruments:

  • Guitar
  • Drums
  • Piano
  • Voice
  • Bass


Our tutors are all carefully selected and offer a range of skills and experience you will not find elsewhere. We have eight tutors offering support to all the students.

Beginners (Juniors):

- per student

Students will join this group and choose an instrument to focus on. This doesn’t mean that they are restricted to just one however. We offer guitar, drums, piano and voice at this level. They will receive instrumental or vocal tuition in a group setting, with termly performances to work towards. We will also seek to get them on stage at other local venues to build confidence and self-esteem. We’ll make sure that they will be learning constructively in a fun and friendly environment.

IMPROVERS (Juniors/Secondary):

- per student

This group is designed to prepare students for working in groups. Students will have a basic knowledge of their instrument. Our goal is to increase ability and musical understanding to an intermediate level so that they can progress to the advanced session where they will be ready to work as a band.

BAND ZONE (Secondary):

- per student

Here’s the group for all you budding rock stars. Students will be coached and mentored by one of the tutors, developing strong musicianship and live performance experience. Students will not only get the chance to perform at SOPM concerts, they also get the opportunity to play to hundreds, maybe even thousands of people on professional stages around the island.


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