Jamie Wickenden

Jamie covering Let You Down



About James Wickenden

Jamie was inspired by his favourite bands to pick up the sticks for the first time whilst at secondary school. He started playing at fourteen and has been active locally and abroad ever since.

Studying at the prestigious DrumTech, London in 2008 Jamie gained his Diploma In Popular Music. He is comfortable playing both by ear and reading sheet music and has a great knowledge of music whilst being a very technical drummer. Bands that Jamie has been behind include: Poor Attempt, She Haunts the Roads and Better Late Than Never who recorded an album which they toured in the UK and New Zealand in 2005.

Jamie has a huge passion for drums and likes all styles of music such as Pop/Rock/Punk and even Hip Hop, he’s constantly looking for new avenues to explore. The time has now come where he wishes to offer his talents teaching drums full-time with SOPM and we are delighted!

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