Terms and Conditions


Please refer to the Terms and Conditions set out before signing this agreement.

Please ensure that you have read and understood the following conditions as they provide important information regarding the provision of music lessons. Once read thoroughly, please sign online by confirming you agree (ticking the box before submitting) or sign the declaration below and return to School of Popular Music.


The ”school’ shall mean The School of Popular Music Limited.

The ‘tutor’ shall mean the music teacher.

‘lessons’ will refer to lessons or courses taken.

Where a student is under the age of 18, the reference to ‘the student’ shall include the parent or legal guardian.


Students should provide their own instruments wherever possible. Students may use the equipment of the school at the discretion of the tutors.

Private Tuition

Lessons are to always be arranged through the school and not the tutor personally. On making an enquiry with the school you will be offered a time and day for the lessons to take place with the tutor.

Music tuition will continue from one half-term to the next unless cancellation notice is received. A trial period can be arranged for up to two weeks before committing if agreed initially. Private tuition will automatically cease during the summer holidays. Private lessons for that period can be arranged.

Saturday Sessions

The session will run weekly including some out of term times and holidays. Sessions may only be cancelled in the event of an annual occasion that clashes. A minimum of one week’s notice will be given in this circumstance.

Extra Lessons

Extra lessons may be organised by prior agreement.

Fees and Invoicing

Fees for music tuition will be published before the start of each year and may increase annually. Notice of any increase will be published at least one month in advance.

The school will send out invoices before the start of each half-term.

Fees for each term are to be paid by the due date.

If an invoice remains unpaid for 14 days after the due date, the school reserves the right to cease tuition immediately.

Missed lessons

Fees for lessons missed will not be refundable.

Under certain circumstances, lessons may be rearranged at a mutually convenient time for the student and the tutor. If this is offered it will be at the discretion of the school.

Lessons missed through absence of the teacher will either be re-arranged or credited.

If lessons need to be rearranged due to commitments of the student, it is the student’s responsibility to notify the school. Refunds will not be given but rearranged lessons may be organised during school holiday time if possible.

Notification of changes to scheduled lessons

The school will contact students by email or phone and it is their responsibility to make sure it is checked. Lessons missed due to failure to do so will be considered forfeit.

Notice to discontinue lessons

Lessons may be discontinued by giving one half-term’s notice of the intention to cease lessons. Failure to comply with this may render the student liable to pay the next half-term’s fees.

The school reserves the right to terminate lessons with immediate effect if a student becomes physically or verbally abusive towards a tutor.

Parental Contact

The school will provide each tutor with a contact number to enable them to contact parents or guardians if ever necessary.

Student progress

The tutor will provide progress reports internally at the end of the autumn and summer term.

Whilst the tutor will make every effort to improve the knowledge and ability of the student, the student cannot expect to progress without fully co-operating and adhering to the practice sessions advised.


The student should have respect for the teaching equipment used at all times. Any damage to equipment provided by the school will be charged to the student.

Data Protection and Privacy

Please see our data protection policy here.

Photo and Video Consent

From time to time we will use video and photographic material to promote the work we do with our students. By signing this contract you are confirming that your consent is given to you or your son/daughter to be included in this material where appropriate.